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Last Update June 11, 2021
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About This Course

Academy in Clinical Research Methodology

Understanding the elements of robust research methodology is essential to any researcher in order to avoid problems such as research waste, manuscript rejections and/or long peer-review process.

Nature Research Academies has developed this 1-day interactive workshop in ‘Clinical Research Methodology’ to provide clinicians with tools and strategies to write solid research protocols and avoid common problems in data collection and analysis.

  • 1-day workshops
  • Available to institutions globally, to host on-site
  • For up to 150 clinical researchers


  1. Planning a clinical study
  2. Appropriately sampling your participants
  3. Choosing the right study design
  4. Avoiding common biases
  5. Properly collecting and analyzing data

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Learning Objectives

A Training Webinar
150 Clinical Researchers
For Companies & Institutions

Target Audience

  • Clinical Researchers


Planning a clinical study

1) Identifying a strong research problem, 2) Assessing the quality of your research question, 3) Deciding the right outcomes to measure

Appropriately sampling your participants

1) Performing a power calculation, 2) Deciding inclusion and exclusion criteria for participant selection, 3) Recruitment methods that avoid sampling bias

Choosing the right study design

1) Pyramid of clinical relevance, 2) Strengths and weaknesses of study designs, 3) Designing a randomized controlled trial, 4) Choosing the right control

Avoiding common biases

1) Most common biases in clinical studies, 2) Strategies to avoid those biases

Properly collecting and analyzing data

1) Managing data, 2) Handling missing data, 3) Performing multiple comparisons, 4) Clinical vs. statistical relevance

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