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Last Update June 11, 2021
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About This Course

Academy For Journal Editors

Establishing and managing your own journal is always an exciting adventure, but if not properly managed, the journal can lead to frustrations and disappointments.

Nature Research Academies has developed an academy to help journal editors establish the foundations of what it takes to develop a successful and competitive journal in their field. These workshops are limited to 30 participants to provide more active discussion and interaction.

  • 1-day and 2-day workshops
  • Available to institutions globally, to host on-site
  • For up to 150 current or aspiring journal editors


  1. Responsibilities and ethics
  2. Developing a journal that is useful for the field
  3. Establishing an efficient editorial workflow
  4. Positive author and peer reviewer experiences
  5. Improving visibility

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Learning Objectives

Training Webinar
For 150 aspiring journal editors
For Journals

Target Audience

  • For aspiring journal editors


Responsibilities and ethics

1) Maintaining the integrity of your journal, 2) Avoid bias and conflicts of interest, 3) Maintaining confidentiality, 4) Retractions and corrections

Developing a journal that is useful for the field

1) Evaluating trends and bibliometrics in the field, 2) Ensuring your journal is adding value to the field, 3) Writing a useful aims and scope

Establishing an efficient editorial workflow

1) Choosing the best associate editors, 2) Identifying a strong editorial board, 3) Evaluating key performance indicators for your journal for yearly board meetings

Positive author and peer reviewer experiences

1) Improving website readability, 2) Clear author and reviewer guidelines, 3) Working well with reviewers, 4) Determining the validity of the conclusion

Improving visibility

1) Getting indexed in online databases, 2) Promoting your journal to the field, 3) Soliciting manuscripts and organizing special issues

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