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Last Update June 11, 2021
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About This Course

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are crucial in synthesizing clinical research to determine the efficacy of an intervention. However, conducting high-quality systematic reviews and meta-analyses that have clinical impact on the field takes time and expertise.

Nature Research Academies has developed this workshop in ‘Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses’ for clinical researchers, to explain how to conduct a systematic review or a meta-analysis.

  • 1-day workshops
  • Available to institutions globally, to host on-site
  • For up to 150 clinical researchers


  1. Types of reviews
  2. Searching and selecting studies
  3. Extracting data
  4. Presenting data
  5. Analyzing data

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Learning Objectives

Training Webinar
150 Clinical Researchers
For Companies & Institutions

Target Audience

  • Clinical Researchers


Types of reviews

1) Differences between literature review, systematic review and meta-analysis, 2) Strengths and weaknesses of systematic reviews and meta-analysis, 3) Ethical consideration: prior registration

Searching and selecting studies

1) Searching the white and grey literature, 2) The importance of exploring multiple databases, 3) Deciding the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 4)Duplicate publications

Extracting data

1) Using a standardized format, 2) Effect sizes and precision of estimates

Presenting data

1) Summarizing data using a forest plot, 2) Estimating publication bias using a funnel plot, 3) Alternatives to forest plot and funnel plot

Analyzing data

1) Random effect vs. fixed effect analysis models, 2) Evaluating heterogeneity between studies, 3) Rating the quality of evidence

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